Real time uses of Machine Learning & Benefits in the present day world


“I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives, and applies it in ways we never thought of.” – Mark Cuban

In this era, Machine Learning (ML) applications are used in so many constructive ways world-wide. ML has evolved revolutionary to fit all kinds of fields to help with automation.

Let’s see some of the real-life examples of ML that you might not be even aware of:

  1. Recommendation systems

The recommendation engines use ML algorithms to collect the user’s search results and their interests and use this data to provide with recommendations, next time in the platform.

Netflix – based on the streaming history, new series recommendations are given as notifications.

Amazon – ML helps in generating Amazon advertisements on various web pages based on previous purchases or the search/browse history.

  • Self-driving cars

ML algorithms are trained and tested to make them more efficient in decision making and to make the system of the car learn, in implementing driver-less cars.

Few companies who are ambitious and investing on self-driving cars are Uber, Google’s Waymo and Tesla.

  • Gamified Learning

It is a very creative and effective way of providing education. Duolingo, Udemy, and Magoosh are few pioneers who use ML algorithm for gamified learning.

  • Predicting capabilities in Healthcare

ML algorithms are very helpful when it comes to predicting illness. Patients can be warned beforehand and illness can be effectively treated. It is extremely beneficial at times of predicting an outbreak of an epidemic, where it can be efficiently prevented if possible.

BlueDot’s AI predicted the spread of Zika virus and potential origin of COVID-19. Kensci, Deepmind, Arterys are few other AI-based healthcare startups who have invested on ML to tackle future situations effectively.

  • ML in Banking

To find the credit worthiness of a client, ML algorithms are used. They analyze the client’s history of loan payback, financial status, debts etc. to find genuine customers from defaulters. Deserve is one such credit card company that uses ML.

  • Social Media

Twitter uses ML model to give ranking notification for all the tweets posted on twitter every day.

  • Agriculture

Computer Vision technology can help farmers to recognize plants with defect and helps them to take necessary action.

Microsoft is promoting ML for agriculture. ‘See and Spray’ by Blue River is another ML technology.

  • Fashion industry

ML algorithms scan the customer’s body measurements and provide the right size clothes right away. This technology is getting popular during online buying. Fit Analytics performs the same task.

The world went stand-still with the outbreak of one pandemic COVID-19. If automation and ML are used effectively in future, it is guaranteed that no pandemic can ever shutdown the world of its operations ever again.


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