Red Lab, a new initiative by Rediffusion


Rediffusion Brand Solutions has announced the launch of Rediffusion Consumer Lab, a specialized consumer research and analysis division (Red Lab). Rediffusion Brand Solutions is a full-service marketing firm specializing in mainline, BTL, digital, web, and healthcare communications.

Consumer awareness, consumer behavior, and trend analysis will be the focus of this dedicated team, which will provide actionable market insight that can lead to brand solutions.

Diwan Arun Nanda, chairman of the Rediffusion Group, spoke at the event and said that Rediffusion has always believed in the power of brands. He said that brand building entails thinking beyond the short term and concentrating on the long term. It entails gaining a better understanding of consumer behavior and, in some cases, modifying consumer preferences.

This is only possible with actionable, data-backed intelligence rather than hunches and gut feelings. He claims that Red Lab will be that wise counsel voice for their client partners and prospects.

Sandeep Goyal, the new managing director of Rediffusion Brand Solutions, who recently took over when Mogae Media, owned by Sandeep Goyal, acquired Rediffusion, a full-service independent advertising agency, and its sister agency Everest Brand Solutions, added that this was a clear focus area for him.

He explained that sailors used to navigate the high seas by looking at stars and constellations. Brands, too, need guiding stars to navigate the choppy waters of a hypercompetitive environment, and accurate category, market, and customer information can serve as those guiding stars. He also noted that he has been a strong supporter of data-based marketing since his days at Airtel and Mogae and that this is a move in the right direction from Rediffusion.

Red Lab will report to Rediffusion’s joint chief, Navonil Chatterjee. Mr. Navonil Chatterjee believes the launch of Red Lab is the first step toward brand consulting. They already had some great brand workshopping and creative ideation tools and techniques, This wing of customer intelligence would, He believes will aid Rediffusion in spotting patterns and mining insights, and sincerely hopes they find gold here!

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