WPP and Microsoft collaborate to revolutionize creative content


WPP and Microsoft Corp. have announced a collaboration to transform creative content creation, starting with the launch of Cloud Studio, a groundbreaking cloud platform that enables creative teams from around WPP’s global network to create campaigns for clients from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Studio is the first bespoke virtual production platform for the advertising industry, giving creatives the resources they need to collaborate and deliver impactful work for clients by moving content creation, production, and editing from on-premises to the cloud.

Over the next three years, WPP will roll out Cloud Studio to 5,000 employees across its network, with an emphasis on WPP’s creative development operation Hogarth. WPP plans to expand the platform’s scope in the long term, with a potential launch of up to 25,000 users. Employees would be able to use Azure to access development tools and services from any internet-connected device, obviating the need for traditional hardware or physical equipment.

As digital technology transforms every aspect of the media and advertising industry, including how content is created, WPP aims to use Azure’s scalable, intelligent infrastructure to support next-generation content creation and ensure thousands of WPP employees remain agile, collaborative, and innovative no matter where they are said Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

WPP’s innovation is fueled by technology, according to Mark Read, the company’s CEO. “It helps us to realize our ideas, discover insights, and accept new ways of working,” he said. He stated that the pandemic has shown how WPP teams can effectively collaborate to produce exceptional work for their clients despite being physically separated and that partnering with Microsoft on Cloud Studio will be the next step in their journey to equip creative teams with the latest in cutting-edge development tools and draw upon the best talent, regardless of location.

WPP will completely embrace today’s modern world of hybrid working environments thanks to Cloud Studio, which ensures business consistency and the opportunity to produce exceptional work for clients through teams and markets. Cloud Studio contributes to WPP’s broader sustainability agenda, including its recent net-zero commitments, by reducing the need for conventional production studios to produce large-scale, high-quality marketing material. Wasted products and discarded collateral from previous shoots can be reduced thanks to the platform’s use of content and digital asset exploration. WPP and Microsoft also have ambitious sustainability goals, and the two companies have already partnered on sustainability initiatives.

WPP and Microsoft have a long-standing partnership that extends beyond virtual production to the creation of technology-based solutions that help WPP provide better experiences for its employees and clients. In addition, WPP and Microsoft recently partnered to ensure that its creative production is more open to people with disabilities and inclusive of a diverse range of demographics by developing a solution that uses Azure AI resources to help integrate accessibility and inclusivity checks into client work as it is developed.

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