WPP pledges to Zero Carbon emission by 2025


On this year’s Earth Day, 22nd April WWP announces their new commitment for the world to reach net-zero carbon emissions in its working by 2025 and would cross the entire chain supply by 2030. According to this project, they would deliver net-zero emissions as their electricity would be 100 per cent renewable by 2025.

Today WPP is one of the top leaders in various sectors like communication, technology, commerce, experience and they are the most inspired and admired agency network. When considering the entire supply chain of WPP, the majority of their company’s emission is through its two major sources that are the production of its advertising contents and also its placement in media is obtained mainly from television, press to radio and online platforms.

WPP is the first-ever company in its industry to introduce media in the net – zero project. Mr Mark Read, the CEO of WPP said, “that it is the world’s largest buyer in the advertising space, they are managing more than $60 billion in media on their client’s behalf. They are also the world’s largest producers of advertising content. Thus, they consider themselves responsible for bringing out a huge difference in the world.

According to the company, they have included this emission in their advertising placement is because, a project of this kind is first in the industry and also, they aim at raising the bar of the whole sector through this project. As per their statement, two-third of their top clients have already approved in committing a set up of their own in a science-based system which reduces targets and they could play a very important role in helping the company to meet their targets and finally to cross their supply chain limits. They are so eagerly waiting to work with all their partners to develop a standard that would benefit the industry.

As per this project, all media plans provided to the clients will have a net-zero carbon emission by the end of this decade. During this pandemic, many industries reduced the expensive virtual production technology and carbon-intensive locations. WWP was inspired by this change and decided to bring a shift to net-zero production.

Mr Hogarth, says, “it’s Sustainably Made”, it’s a unique approach that brings together innovative production, along with leading industry measurement tools and an inbuilt carbon offset that allows the clients to produce a net-zero impact. WPP and its supply chain represent a major proportion of their clients’ carbon footprints, their commitment to reach net-zero by 2030 would simultaneously help their clients to meet their targets.

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