RENEE Cosmetics releases a mad music video featuring Mouni Roy


RENEE Cosmetics, one of the quickest developing cosmetics brands in India, known for reexamining excellence industry with their momentous items; has once more made swells in the magnificence area by sending off a foot-pounding music video on International Lipstick Day highlighting eminent celebrity Mouni Roy flaunting RENEE’s most recent contribution Madness PH Lipstick. The music video shows Mouni as an exciting symbol and suitably addresses the unique, bold ladies and everybody all over the planet who love Lipstick and convey their frowns easily!

RENEE Cosmetics has consistently stood apart from different brands; be it their particular items like FAB 5 of every 1 Lipstick, FAB Face 3 out of 1 Makeup Stick, or their most recent item Madness pH Stick which looks dark yet transforms into a characteristic and gleaming pink as per the body’s pH level. Franticness pH Stick is one more item by RENEE that safeguards their inventive streak and has previously turned into a web sensation alongside being their top-of-the-line item right from its send-off.

Communicating her perspectives on this music video send off; Co-Founder of RENEE Cosmetics, Aashka Goradia Goble, said “RENEE was destined to reclassify how cosmetics are seen in India, we needed to make proficient cosmetics simple and reasonable for everybody. Remembering these contemplations, we’ve generally guaranteed to deliver items that are imaginative, smooth, and give an interesting encounter to the purchaser. By sending off this music video with snappy verses and music including Mouni, we needed to recognize and praise the force of lipsticks that have turned into an image of communicating opportunity throughout the 100 years.”

Discussing raising support, he says that the organization’s emphasis was on making a manageable business, and in this manner, they are not copying a lot of cash. Consequently, the organization’s emphasis is on collecting a significant measure of cash and developing dramatically.

As far as acquisitions, Ashutosh specifies that there is a ton of space for development inside and around the organization. As of now, their principal center is around RENEE Cosmetics and the classes that it serves and plans to investigate. Going ahead, in the wake of accomplishing a specific measure of scale, the organization could investigate acquisitions.

In conclusion, Ashutosh says that the organization is meaning to go disconnected and be available in practically all magnificence stores. “We need to ensure that any place our customers go we follow,” he says.

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