Rephrase AI powered Revolutionary Diwali Campaign ‘NotJustACadburyAd’ starring Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan wins the 1st Titanium Lion for India at The Cannes Festival


–        A formidable collaboration between, Mondelez, Wavemaker and Ogilvy, the campaign saw unprecedented viewer engagement

–        Delivered 22% higher VTRs and 18% higher CTRs because of running the world’s first hyper-personalized ad campaign.

–        105k users logged on to to create their own version of the ad starring SRK

–        A total of 139k versions of the ad were created which were circulated through WhatsApp and other social media in a whopping 10 days

–        The campaign earned PR worth 1.5Mn+ USD and 30Mn+ of ad Views

India-wide Release, 29th June, 2022: In an earnest endeavor to extend support to the pandemic-stricken small businesses across India, last year Cadbury Celebrations curated a groundbreaking Diwali campaign – ‘Not Just A Cadbury Ad’. Conceptualized and executed in collaboration with, Wavemaker, and Ogilvy, the campaign involved creating a hyper-personalized ad featuring Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan, using’s generative AI technology.  Store owners were then able to generate personalized ads for their store starring the biggest celebrity in the world! In simple words, the campaign had SRK turn personal brand ambassador for 85,000+ retailers using this technology.

Having garnered an overwhelming response from the audience, this true masterpiece campaign – an amalgamation of creativity and technology – has bagged The Titanium Lion Award at The Cannes Festival – a first for the country!’s generative AI tech can create digital avatars of real humans and create personalized videos using that avatar. Cadbury along with Ogilvy crafted a campaign idea keeping Rephrase’s tech abilities in mind – to create “Not Just a Cadbury ad” but an ad for small business owners across the country.

Ashray Malhotra, CEO and Co-founder, , “To align creative storytelling, intelligent advertising, and inspiring filmmaking with AI guidelines was a collaborative journey. Rephrase worked in tandem with the creative and production teams to map this narrative without compromising on the charm of Shah Rukh Khan and the warmth of Diwali. This campaign is the perfect example that demonstrates the power of the Generative AI technology we’ve been pioneering for the last 3 years. We are proud to be defining the path for personalized customer interactions!”

In the past, has created a single digital avatar of celebrities to then serve personalized videos to users. However, for this particular campaign, the narrative involved 5 different sub-ads within it – one for each of the 5 categories of stores (Fashion, Footwear, Optics, Kirana and Electronics) in the Cadbury distribution network. So did something unimagined!

For the first time ever, took up a challenge and created 5 different digital Avatars of shah rukh khan where the actor is in different positions and expressing different emotions.

Quote by Shivam Mangla, Co-founder, “We also productionized an early version of our in-house voice cloning technology which was made in less than 2 months as it allowed for scale and control.

The campaign resonated with millions of business owners and this brought up a challenge of scaling and doing so in real-time. We went from 1k personalized videos per day to almost 20 times the volume within 2 weeks, so every innovation, all development was essentially taking place in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.”

As the tech and innovation behind the execution of this campaign was the best, one of a kind and unheard of in the entire industry, it obviously yielded unprecedented results

●     The campaign delivered 22% higher VTRs and 18% higher CTRs

●     105k users logged on to to create their own version of the ad

●     A total of 139k versions of the ad were created which were circulated through WhatsApp and other social media

●     The campaign earned PR worth 1.5Mn+ USD and 30Mn+ of ad Views

This case study is widely regarded by the media, people and the industry as not only the best campaign for Diwali 2021, but also a stellar example of how media, creativity, and tech come together to create meaningful connections with brands. The campaign has further opened up huge possibilities of Al-based innovations that other brands are trying to leverage now.

It is also worth noting that while YouTube ads policy does not allow or entertain synthetic media in its platform, generated videos were white listed and allowed to be advertised for the first time ever owing to their ethical practices and policies.


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