Rethought: Women Leadership in Technology


Current research has indicated that adaptation of a mixed leadership is a leading growth factor for various companies. Transformational leadership style where both men, as well as Women leader, tend the share the same mission, vision and thoughts and also happen to have a collaborated work effort tends to drive the business change. However, it is very unfortunate to state that this style of leadership is still far from reality. In the current technological world, gender equality seems to persist majorly as a concern as Women still in many parts of the world remain significantly underrepresented in fields of technological leadership. As per IDC, a mere 24% of Women only happen to hold a senior leadership position in technology.

The IT- sector is undoubtedly among the top fastest-growing industries that still seems to fascinate this world. It is playing a very crucial role in many countries technical innovation as well as significantly contributing to their economic growth. This sector has for the past few years seemingly be dominated by a male workforce the time has come for bringing in a change by closing the gender-based employee gap by improving and adding more Women in the tech scenarios.

Adding more women to the workforce!

 Several monitoring programs may help women get their well-deserved opportunity especially those talented aspiring leaders among those lot. This can be said to be highly imperative owning to the reason that most technical Women desire to further advance their careers but are not being provided or seem to have access to development opportunities. Gender diversity must be added to the core of the recruiting process to further ensure the chance of hiring more Women. Empowering Women in the workplace via flexible work policies apart from generous maternity coverage and using women employee resource groups and mentoring programs will substantially contribute to a female employee’s and her long  – term engagement with towards her job.

Organizations must also embrace an approach that nourishes and fosters a keen sense of belonging, helping to entice more woman employees in the organization whilst retaining the existing ones.

Accenture is leading by example by currently capitalizing on the above-mentioned strategy and looking to increase the number of female employees by up to 50% by 2025.

Overall the future seems bright for Women leadership to have equal importance and stature in the tech industry as well as we wait upon the change to gradually take place.


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