“Right Start, Flying Start”: EuroKids International’s new campaign


EuroKids International, one of the country’s leading pre-school and K-12 education service providers, recently unveiled its newest pre-school educational campaign. The campaign titled ‘Right Start, Flying Start’ has been launched to propagate the group’s new outlook towards pre-school education, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

EuroKids International collaborated with creative agency, ‘The Womb’ to conceptualize and design its latest campaign. ‘The Womb’ is a creative ad agency founded in 2016, by former ‘Ogilvy & Mather’ executives, Navin Talreja and Kawal Shoor.

The ‘Right Start, Flying Start’ digital campaign comprises a series of three videos that highlight how EuroKids International incorporates an innovative methodology of teaching to build a solid foundation for toddlers, as they embark on their educational journey.

The ad films for the digital campaign showcases how a ‘EuroKid’ is taught using a range of interactive and engaging techniques. Whether it be using phonetics, movements and actions to teach new words for developing a better vocabulary or be it teaching numbers by value for an improved mathematical ability.

The experienced educators at EuroKids International use a scientifically developed curriculum so that the ‘EuroKid’ understands better and recalls basic concepts of language, number, colours, etc., in the long run. The campaign focuses on how the ‘Right Start’ is the ‘Flying Start’, as the ‘Right Start’ in the most important foundational year of learning, can make all the difference in the kid’s future endeavours.

EuroKids International’s ‘Right Start, Flying Start’ campaign urges millennial and Gen Z parents to resume learning with their young ones. The COVID-19 pandemic which inevitably led to the closure of pre-schools and childhood education centres globally has widened the gap in learning for most children, hindering their progress to achieve developmental milestones. The solution being adapting to a disruptive educational model, where digital and remote learning is the new future of education.

With admissions for the upcoming academic year open at EuroKids International franchises across the nation, the campaign urges parents to enrol their kids at EuroKids early-school so that they can “Start Online Now, Switch to Class Room Later!”

Commenting on the ‘Right Start, Flying Start’ campaign, K V S Seshasai, Chief Executive Officer, Pre-K Division, EuroKids International said, “We want to encourage parents to consider remote learning for their children, so they can continue to achieve their developmental milestones.”

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