“What a Shot”, Ranbir Kapoor’s new Netflix ad


The online streaming platform, Netflix’s latest ad features the famous Bollywood star, Ranbir Kapoor. In the ad, it shows him addressing the audience, while the crew is busy watching the IPL cricket match, and he gets ignored. It is a 30-second ad film, titled “What a Shot”.

He mainly emphasizes the varied array of content that is available on Netflix, there is always something for everyone on Netflix. He then realizes that no one is listening to him, nor paying attention to him or his dialogue instead they are all busy watching Indian Premium League (IPL) matches on their phones. Seeing this, Ranbir Kapoor casually tells them that he would meet them all after the cricket season.

This is how Netflix directly shows us how much the Indians are crazy about cricket. Netflix has been using various creatives and ideas in its streaming platform during the time of an IPL, to let their user, know that they are going to miss that particular match. Netflix has often posted various mood-based posts on different social media platforms which includes Twitter, Instagram etc., recommending various comedy movies whenever the users felt sad over their favourite teams losing.

Mr Sambit Mohanty, the head of the creative, South- Macc Worldgroup, says that “the ad is made so slyly”. This admits the Indian’s obsession with cricket. Netflix lets their audience know that they understand the Indian viewers. They understand what “cricket” to the Indians and thus they would patiently wait for all of them to return after the cricket season for all the entertainment that they offer except cricket”.

Pankaj Tripathi says that “Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most typical faces of Bollywood industry, who is very well known to the audience through his roles done in OTT movies, shows and other performances. Mr Aalap Desai, the National creative director of Dentsu Mcgarrybowen, India commented that “if the starting point of anything is interesting then whatever comes through it would be great, and shouldn’t be missed. This is one such campaign”.

It’s a fairly expected approach for an online streaming platform like Netflix to take at such a topical point like IPL, as to add movie dialogues to put the point across. Personnel like Ranbir Kapoor is always a plus point. Even his slightest move gets notice from the audience as well as his fans. These kinds of ad help the chatter to keep ongoing.

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