RIL, Second Biggest Brand after Apple


Reliance Industries Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, has business across India and other nations. It is engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications.

Reliance Industries Limited has been ranked as the second biggest brand after Apple on the FutureBrand Index 2020.

Reliance, being the most profitable company is well respected and conducts its business ethically.  Strong commitments to high values like honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, purposefulness, trust, responsibility, citizenship & caring have been able to build principles for Reliance Group Companies. The employees have a strong emotional connection with the organization. Future Brand, which is a global brand transformation company, stated that part of Reliance’s success could be attributed to Mukesh Ambani’s modification of the firm as a one-stop-shop for Indians.

Future Brand believes that since the company is engaged in a number of sectors, and top companies like Facebook, Google is taking equity stakes in the firm, Reliance is pushing for the top spot in the next Index.

The Future Brand Index rearranges PwC’s World’s Top 100 Companies by Market Cap on perception strength rather than financial strength. It helps business to grow even when times change by better connecting brand purpose to everyday experience. The list of 2020 is topped by Apple, while Samsung comes third, followed by Nvidia, Moutai, Nike, Microsoft, ASML, PayPal, and Netflix. Reliance ranks 91st on PWC 2020 list.

In total, there has been 15 new entrants to the Future Brands Index which include ASML Holdings, PayPal, Danaher, Saudi Aramco, and American Tower Corporation, seven of which make it into the top 20, including Reliance Industries positioning at number two.

Unlike most other rankings, The FutureBrand Index is not based on consumer research. The Index offers a thorough assessment of how prominent companies are doing and are likely to do over the next few years.

Though the world is living through the worst healthcare crisis in a century, FutureBrand believes that the world will emerge a reimagined world, and it will be up to the leading companies and the people who work for them who will respond to new demands and new expectations. The FutureBrand Index 2020 analyzes the world’s leading firms and determine how they have performed over the past year.

The unique perspective of FutureBrand puts a light on the innovators as well as the brands which have successfully navigated sector-specific rough waters. They also added that it can be premature to write off a company in difficulty and risky to extol the virtues of a seemingly unbreakable brand.


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