Rise of baby care brands in the Indian market


Babies are gentle and then they have to be taken care of with utmost care and love.

In the past few years, there has been an extreme demand and massive growth in baby care products, especially in India. An important role is played by E-commerce websites in increasing the demand for baby care products since they provide doorstep delivery to customers with ease.

As per one report, it’s expected that the baby skincare market in India will transcend ₹10,000 Crores by 2025. The matter Studies have shown that around 45% of skin problems like dry skin, rashes, dermatitis, etc. are seen in children between 0 to 5 years old. That’s why the launch of Germany’s premium baby skincare brand ‘Sanosan baby’ might be successful towards the strategic direction to increase the width and depth of our derma portfolio in India, says Rajesh Khatri – director, Glowderma.

The answer Sanosan could also be a premium baby skincare brand established by Mann & Schroder, Germany, who have over 70 years of experience in making various skin, hair, and body care products. The brand is now entering India, by joining hands with Glowderma, a renowned dermatology company in India. Glowderma is trusted by dermatologists and is committed to introducing products that provide the foremost effective holistic nature, health & well-being of every growing baby.

Sanosan baby offers an outsized range of cleansing, skin care, nappy care, and sun cream products that are made with natural ingredients like hydrolyzed milk protein and organic oil with the essence of ‘Naturally with Love’ to satisfy the necessities of delicate and sensitive baby skin. Sanosan baby care products contain world-class natural ingredients, are toxin-free, and offer safety, effectiveness, value for money, and hope to form a giant mark within the Indian baby care market by growing at a noteworthy and healthy pace.

The whole Sanosan baby skincare range has been kept void of parabens, kerosene, silicones, and sulfates. Sanosan offers the foremost effective of the natural ingredients altogether products with the foremost effective quality, efficacy, safety, and value for money. Therefore, many parents across 70+ countries, prefer Sanosan baby products for his or her babies. In the long term of the baby care market is certainly bright and evolving which we are confident that Sanosan Baby will provide the foremost effective care to babies ‘Naturally with love’ and may last to become one amongst every of the foremost trusted brands in India.

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