Rohit Sharma, the new brand ambassador for TAGG


Tagg, is India’s leading consumer electronics brand. Thanks to its high quality and affordability the brand and its electronics has become everyone’s favourite. Tagg’s makes a wide range of smart watches, wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, neckband accessories online at the best rate possible.

Rohit Sharma was recently welcomed into the Tagg family as the brand ambassador of the company. Rohit Sharma is the Captain of Mumbai Indians, a team in the Indian Premier League, and the vice captain of the Indian Cricket team.

Rohit Sharma is both a fitness freak and music lover, and this collaboration is everything both he and Tagg’s ever asked for. Cricket is an emotion in the country. When the Indian team wins, we as a nation win and almost everyone rejoices in this celebration. 

Every player of the Indian Cricket team is devoted to. They are looked up by so many adolescents and young adults. The Indian team inspires people to dive into their passion for sports, especially cricket,

As the vice captain of the Indian Cricket Team, having a career for around 14 years has inspired so many Indians in the country to join training for cricket. This collaboration will definitely lead to many Indians getting this product because that’s how much they look upto Rohit Shama.

Tagg is Rohit Sharma’s choice and it will definitely become the choice for many Indians that are inspired by Rohit. Tagg is designed in such a way that its Chic and Classy look will attract plenty of customers. 

The easy to handle and wear electronic appliances are now getting to be everyone’s favorite. The Indian brand is also making global headlines for its sales and productions. Smart watches have been in the trend for quite some time now and it was only until the beginning of last year that Tagg released its Smartwatches and everyone’s been hooked since then.

Everyone who owns a TAGG appliance is known as a #TAGGSTER, with Rohit Sharma as the newest and latest TAGGSTER, the brand and the country are going to hear so many more TAGGSTER’S coming up. This is indeed a remarkable milestone for TAGG.

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