Shoppers stop collaboration with Accenture


Tech investments in the retail sector have been ongoing for many years as companies gaze to deal with business performance, efficiency and cost-cutting endeavours.

In current years, e-commerce is arguably the most crucial retail digital modification ever.

Nonetheless, Covid-19 has compelled retailers to capitalize more money into modern technologies and implement digital techniques much rapidly than contrarily planned.

What’s interesting is that brick-and-mortar stores that added e-commerce during the lockdown are speeding their digital commerce practices to prosper in the new normal.

Shoppers stop Ltd., one of India’s leading retailers of fashion and beauty brands has collaborated with Accenture to accelerate its digital commerce transformation across numerous retail channels.

The collaboration will help the retailer improve customer experience and profitability and keep up with its steady invention technique.

Venu Nair, Shoppers Stop’s managing director or and the chief executive officer said Omni channel has been a huge focus area for them as they seek to meet and exceeds the customers’ developing desires and expectations.

Collaborating with Accenture will help them to further strengthen their digital commerce technique for enormous reach and access and also enhance the prevailing shopping experience of customers.

They aim to achieve significant profitable growth in digital commerce profits over the next three years. Providing a sole perspective of customer and market insights for rapidly and conscious decision-making, the platform optimizes consumer targeting and contextual marketing to enhance customer comfort and income.

Moreover, the advanced user interface and user, experience is permitting Shoppers Stop customers a seamless experience across the browse, search, order and return stages of the shopping lifecycle, helping bridge the gap between physical and digital touch points.

In an interview, Piyush N. Singh, who leads Accenture’s business in India, said that of the many shifts accelerated by the dilemma, the acceleration of online consumption is one of the starkest. It is also an irreversible trend that has a long-term bearing on the consumer goods and retail industry.

The company believes that with its relentless creation, customers can shop safely, and at their amenity through WhatsApp, its website and the application.

During its initial stage of the lockdown, Shoppers Stop revealed the ‘White Glove Service’ for remote assistance and sales. With this service and Endless Aisle, customers can shop effortlessly from home.

The brand has capitalized in meticulously training its shoppers and beauty advisors to assure an engaging customer relationship over WhatsApp.

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