Samsung Galaxy S3 – Hype or Hyper Cool?


Indians are literally crazy about mobile phones and especially if it allows passersby to droll over your handset, it gives you a sense of euphoria. Samsung recently launched a handset that will just do the trick along with a host of power-packed features!

29th May 2012 witnessed the launch of the most awaiting phone of the year in the Indian Market – the ICS (Android 4.0.4) powered Samsung Galaxy S3 ( GS3).  Well it did win hearts – a good number of them leaving not many people disappointed. Now how easy is it for a successor to an already bestseller in the market to create a hype!

Yes folks, GS3s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 was a best seller crossing 20 Mn units in the first 10 months since its launch last June.  Now that’s an impressive 2 Mn handsets per month – the math is quite simple and equally simple is it for the mobile giant to leverage on the equity of the GS2 to drive sales for the GS3. In fact, the GS2 contributed in a big way to take Samsung’s market share of smart phones in India up to 45% and Samsung expects to garner another 15% with the GS3 launched in India.

If there’s one thing Indians love in gadgets, they certainly would be mobile phones more than anything else.  Mobile phones have become a status and a style symbol in this mobile frenzy market. Now you add the latest Android to your mobile phone back it up with quad core processor clocking at a speed of 1.4 Ghz with a 8 mp camera and along with a host of special features like Smart Stay, Pop Up Video and a close to nature like UI and voila – you get your very own Samsung Galaxy S3- all this and much more at an MRP of about Rs. 43,000 (not surprised here!) but t he retail prices are in the 38,000 range. The Galaxy S3 is up for grabs and that only if you can afford the price!

Earlier in May, May 2nd to be exact, the South Korean giant unveiled its next flagship mobile, the GS3, releasing it in 29 countries across the globe and since then the S3 has been the talk of the town with 9 Mn pre-orders before its release. In the Indian market, the mobile phone is not tied up with any carrier provider and is available in the online market as well!

Well, the GS3 is here to stay despite competition from its arch-rival the HTC One X and to a certain extent the iPhone 4S. But given the hype that has been created by some aggressive advertising and the GS2 success, there can be no doubt that this phone will sweep the premium category of smart phone market in India.

This article that will not give you the full specs of the phone, we are sharing our thoughts on how the market may react on the launch of the phone. Having said that, do you think the HTC One X or the iPhone 4S is a better bargain. Fill in your comments!


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