Santoor Body Lotion ad shows mom-child moment


Wipro Enterprises has come up with a new TV commercial for its personal care product – Santoor Body Lotion. This new ad film for the body lotion has been conceptualized by the company FCB Ulka.

In the Santoor body lotion ad film, a young mother is reading a story to her little daughter and narrating how a horse is running. Here, the young daughter takes her part of the ad by using her fingers to replicate a galloping horse and considers her mother’s skin to be the ground.

Soon after this, the mother asks her little one to continue the story, but her daughter on-screen confesses that her mother’s skin is too soft that the horse is not stopping to run. This ad then continues showing the features of the body lotion. Later, it concludes with a niche message saying, “Soft twacha. Hamesha” that translates to “Soft skin. Always”.

Regarding this ad, the Vice President of FCB Ulka, Bengaluru, Dennis Koshy stated the following. He claimed that the body lotion market segment is quite cluttered with many consumers. The customers do not recognize the difference between the brands and so their memorability is highly important for a brand. The Santoor Body Lotion is an endearing moment that the women loved and so it can make the brand popular.

The Creative Director of FCB Ulka, Dharmesh Shah stated that “Tabdak tabdak evokes nostalgia”. The ad film for the Santoor Body Lotion is cute and shows the playful interaction between a young mother and her daughter. This will give the customers the benefit of soft skin without any doubts, he added.

Santoor Body Lotion assures to render soft and young looking skin as it contains the goodness of the natural ingredients such as Sandal and Sakura. These ingredients are known to make the skin healthy and soft.




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