Satya Vigyan Foundation presents TRUTHtalks with Avyakta ji


Saturday, 17th July 2021 at 11 am


“Poora vishwa ek parivaar hai.” The entire world is one family. This, and many other hidden truths await you. And you are invited to experience them. TRUTHtalks, a Satya Vigyan Foundation initiative, will soon premiere the 6th edition in the series featuring a special guest. The online talk will host a one-of-a-kind interview with Avyakta ji, who gave up everything in his life, including a good career and his home, to live in the Himalayas. A scholar, writer, meditator, and seeker of truth, he has studied the lives of Count Leo Tolstoy, Gandhiji, and Vinoba Bhave as closely as he has studied the lives of Lord Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Sant Kabir and others.

Avyakta ji’s life has been a profound search, and in turn, a commitment to life’s ultimate truths. He has distilled decades of this search into one simple teaching for all to follow. He says, “The path of Truth is straightforward. Everyone should motivate themselves to walk this path, from untruth to truth.”

Mr Vallabh Bhanshali, founder of TRUTHtalks and the Enam Group will be personally interviewing Avyakta ji. Speaking about the interview, he said, “We are honoured by the presence of Avyakta ji whose pure and powerful thoughts and words will definitely leave a mark on the viewers. We believe that his unusual story and extraordinary wisdom will move them to a happier life. We invite everyone to watch the talk and also join the TRUTHtalks community via”

The talk will be available for viewing on Saturday, 17th July, 2021 at 11 am on YouTube.

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