Savlon’s latest ad film promotes the importance of surface disinfection


Savlon’s latest ad film takes the creative route to promote its recently introduced Surface Disinfectant Spray. The fun and highly relatable campaign throw light on the importance of surface disinfection in the current situation of an ongoing global pandemic.

The outbreak has heightened consumer concerns not just towards maintaining personal hygiene and hand hygiene but also towards sanitization of frequently touched, high contact surfaces. The product was introduced following the successful launch of their previous product, an advanced hand sanitizer, Savlon Hexa. The Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray deodorizes and disinfects the surfaces in a single step. The product was launched with an objective to expand the Diversified Conglomerate, ITC’s personal and home hygiene portfolio. 

The slice-of-life ad film, conceptualized by Ogilvy India, has a humorous take on the division of household chores; a reality faced by families around the world. Cleaning and disinfecting duties are the latest addition to the list of chores, as consumers have become conscious and are readily taking additional steps to ensure safety and hygiene.

In the commercial, the family members are shown as being eager towards taking up the task of disinfecting the surfaces at home, a task usually considered to be mundane and time-consuming. The eagerness is attributed to the product being highly convenient and easy to use.

The light-hearted ad not only delivers the message about the necessity to disinfect your surroundings but also spreads awareness about the newly introduced product.

Such campaigns help organizations to build an emotional connection with the consumers. Humorous advertising helps brands in capturing the attention of the audience, increases the memorability of the product, and persuades the customer to purchase the product.  

According to analysts, in the past few months, there has been an upsurge in product launches in the personal and home hygiene category. Major companies in the category have ramped up production and have shifted resources towards the manufacturing of sanitizers and other disinfectants.

As the category witnesses increasing competition amongst major brands, a hike in aggressive advertising of these products can also be noticed. Brands with the most innovative, quirky, and relatable content will capture the consumer’s attention and generate sales.


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