SBI Life bags the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for ‘Most pledges received for a passion campaign in 24 hours’

SBI Life bags the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for ‘Most pledges received for a passion campaign in 24 hours’

India, June 07, 2023: SBI Life Insurance, one of the most trusted private life insurers in the country, leveraged the new AI-technology, ChatGPT to launch #IndiaKaPassionPledge campaign and created the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for ‘Most pledges received for a passion campaign in 24 hours’. The campaign saw participation from across the country where users took a pledge online to promise themselves to pursue their passion while simultaneously taking care of family’s financial needs. 

In an effort to encourage users to pursue their passion, SBI Life launched an AI-prompt pledgethon microsite, which is the first of its kind initiative in the financial services sector, leveraged ChatGPT for generating personalized pledges. The microsite allowed users to create a personalised pledge after the user entered basic information into the pledge generation prompt, such as their name, gender, contact number, and individual passion. Users received a customized pledge that later converted into an audio file. The text was read back by text-to-speech feature along with the brand’s musical logo (MOGO). 

Speaking on the initiative, SBI Life Insurance’s Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, Mr. Ravindra Sharma said, “The advent of newer technologies is reshaping today’s consumer attitude & behaviour. They are more connected now than before. The new-age consumer is using new tech platforms and interacting digitally on the go. At SBI Life Insurance, innovation has always been at the heart of everything we do. Keeping in mind, the ever evolving behaviour & preference of today’s consumer with respect to technology, we leveraged AI-led, ChatGPT to connect with them & deliver a cohesive consumer experience. We launched #IndiaKaPassionPledge campaign to bring in a behavioural change in individuals by urging them to take a pledge towards fulfilling self-aspirations while looking after the financial needs of their loved ones and not compromise on their dreams. We are delighted to witness huge participation from across the country. This shows that consumer’s today does believe that liberating oneself is as important as taking care of existing responsibilities which resonates with our core brand purpose. We hope individuals will continue to pursue their aspirations and step forward in making it a reality.”

Joanne Brent, Official Adjudicator, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ said, “This attempt for the most pledges for passion campaign in 24-hours is a great success for SBI Life Insurance and for all of the passion-filled participants who submitted their pledges. It is not an easy record to set with many technical requirements and thorough investigations of data during evidence review. It is such an inspiration to see people encouraged in their passions in the process of setting this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title.”

According to Sahil Shah, President – Digital Experience, Dentsu Creative, “The integration of AI technology, specifically ChatGPT, in SBI Life’s #IndiaKaPassionPledge campaign has been a game-changer. It has allowed us to engage with users on a more personalized level, generating customized pledges that resonate with their individual passions. The use of ChatGPT has not only helped us create a new Guinness World Record but has also reinforced SBI Life’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.”


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