SBI Life encourages fathers to pursue passion


There has been a noticeable shift in the mindset of today’s fathers in recent years, particularly during the pandemic era. They are not only defined as a breadwinner or family provider, but they also choose to have a clear vision for themselves to pursue their passion while ensuring the family’s happiness. In terms of thinking and approach, today’s father is content to pursue individual desires while also caring for the needs of their family.

SBI Life Insurance, capitalising on this trend, encourages fathers to take the big leap for their passion while also taking care of their family’s needs this Father’s Day. This is exemplified by the company’s recently launched digital video campaign, ‘Papa Ki Nayi Kahaani,’ which is part of the company’s annual digital property #PapaHainNa. The company also aims to ignite the act of balancing their lives by being zealous towards their dreams while standing strong for their family, as stated in the brand purpose, ‘ApneLiye, ApnoKe Liye.’

The digital video tells the story of Prakash Chaturvedi, a 40-year-old Indian man who grew up in a small town and dreams of becoming a writer. He takes a risk to pursue his dream to realise his ambition. His daughter and wife’s unwavering support and encouragement encourage him to follow his heart even more. The film depicts Prakash’s struggle to gain market recognition as a writer. He is constantly rejected, but his family, particularly his daughter, stands by him and encourages him to keep going. When his daughter acknowledges his efforts and sparks an idea in his mind while he is reading to her, he has a Eureka moment.

“A father’s role in a child’s life has dramatically evolved over the past several years, from bringing distant breadwinners to a more holistic recognition of being equal co-parents, advisor, companion, role-model, etc. to his child,” said Mr Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand & Corporate Communication, SBI Life. The pandemic era, on the other hand, allowed many people to rediscover and rekindle their passions, particularly fathers, who have been taking risks while balancing their responsibilities. To address this trend, we used our digital property #PapaHainNa-‘Papa Ki Nayi Kahani’ to creatively normalise the idea that pursuing dreams guilt-free.” “At SBI Life, we strongly believe in our philosophy ‘ApneLiye, ApnoKe Liye,'” he continued.

SBI Life will host a live conversation on Instagram between Nadir Kanthawala, Digital Marketer & Daddy Podcaster, and Luke Couhinto, Holistic Life Coach, to promote the Father’s Day campaign. Luke will provide some tips on how to balance personal aspirations and family happiness. Collaboration with well-known dad influencers like Sumit Sharma and Durjoy Dutta will help to highlight their personal stories about how they found their passion while also ensuring the financial future of their families. Chetan Shah, Nikhil Anand Giri, and Nadir Kanthawala’s real-life stories about chasing their dreams, Apne Liye, and keeping promises to their families, Apno Ke Liye, are told in this podcast.

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