“THIS Turmeric Coffee Latte” is now available at Continental Coffee.


Indian-origin coffee business Continental Coffee (CCL Products India Ltd.) has developed Continental THIS Turmeric Coffee Latte – a three-in-one premix and only branded participant in the industry combining coffee with turmeric’s health benefits. According to the company’s strategy, this new product is designed to be part of consumers’ everyday routine.

Young people are the primary consumers of RTD and Espresso beverages in the business and like a broad choice of flavorful RTD coffees and drinks. High-quality coffee beans from India’s most renowned coffee estates go into this premix. In addition, this Turmeric Coffee Latte’s anti-inflammatory benefits and robust flavor with an added blast of scent benefit both the body and the mind.

According to consumer research, the pandemic has caused people to reassess their health and wellness habits, leading them to seek items that promote good health. In response to this increased demand, the brand created a latte with turmeric as its primary flavoring ingredient.

An antioxidant found in turmeric, curcumin, is incredibly good for your health. There is no better cup of coffee than this Turmeric Coffee Latte, which is not only flavorful but also nutritious and immune-boosting because of the use of turmeric. The coffee’s flavor profile is genuinely one-of-a-kind, making it an excellent choice for coffee connoisseurs searching for new ways to enjoy their favorite classic brew.

Praveen Jaipuriar, CEO of Continental Coffee, says, “Along with the rising enthusiasm for coffee in India, there is an increasing desire to experience new flavors in coffee. At CCL, we’re always coming up with new ways to serve our customers better and stay on top of the ever-changing tastes of the market. This Turmeric Coffee Latte not only gives a fresh flavor experience to customers, but it also has health advantages. CCL is one of the first big companies to provide this unique service, which sets us apart from our competitors. This Turmeric Coffee Latte is a first-of-its-its-kind product to match today’s consumer demands for novel taste sensations that are also healthful.

It costs INR 150 for one box of six sachets of this Turmeric Coffee Latte. Twenty-two grams is the weight of one sachet. Amazon’s e-commerce platform and CCL’s direct-to-consumer website carry the new item.

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