Securing the Internet of things (IoT)


The Internet of Things(IoT) is accelerating to full maturity and establishing itself as a part of the future internet. It is the next door to innovations that promise to improve our daily life based on intelligent sensors and smart devices working together.

IoT things are everywhere in our everyday life. They are used in our homes hospitals deployed outside to control the changes in the environment and a lot more beneficial functions. However, all these benefits can come to a huge risk of privacy policy and security issues. To ensure the security of IoT devices, it is necessary to rely on 3 pillars of Confidentiality Integrity Availability.

To secure IOT devices many types of research have been conducted to measure those problems and find a better way to eliminate those issues. Almost 64% of respondents stated that end-to-end IoT security is their short term priority. Based on the complexity they face in protecting their IoT devices and data the experts adopt three methods to improve security. Firstly expert focused to ensure security in the end to end data encryption using keys like private keys and public keys which offers strong encryption. Then they focused on regular firmware and software update policies along with this they periodically checked the physical security od devices as well.

The researchers noted that nearly half of IoT providers lack IoT skills and not familiar with the method of handling security. When it comes to medium –to –long term focus research found that most industry leaders agree that the”5G” transformation will rule the future in the industry and business area. Providers should make sure that IoT security solutions should be simple and integrated. Advanced to industrial internet will be accelerated through increased network agility integrated AI and capacity to deploy automate at a high level. The future of IoT is virtually unlimited due to advancements in technology and an increase in potential customers.

IoT technology will start a breakthrough in various fields like- healthcare smart cities transportation computing etc., but researchers are still at different points of advancement. The experts should ensure security for better advancement in this field.


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