Influence of Machine Learning in healthcare during pandemic COVID-19


Machine learning researches are transforming into new technology. In this pre-COVID era, all models are working according to the changing environment. The organization is in a hurry to apply AI and machine learning methods to withstand this pandemic  COVID-19.

COVID-19 has affected almost all industries. For solving these kinds of complex situation data scientists have moved to the field of machine learning to enhance the daily life of humanity.ML can be applied across business segments. Chatbots are saving the automobile industries, which is powered by machine learning. Recently some researchers have launched some of the ML applications by CSAIL alliance through webinar which is a strong relief for these situations. The opportunity of ML and AL is now to bring our world back to reality.

In this pandemic period application of ML had a lot of influence on the health care field.ML is for the identification of the virus. However, ML requires a large amount of database classifying and predicting diseases. For this, the experts used supervised algorithms to collect the database. It can also forecast the nature of viruses across all worlds. Many ML algorithms are used to make clinical decisions that accelerated ML during this era. There was a collaboration between human and machine intelligence and it was found that the human error was 3.5% and machine errored 7.5%.

By using Ml application the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment were also enhanced which help the doctors to fastly take necessary steps. we can’t even imagine a point where doctors are overworked here ML came to action doctors provide data sets of the patient in front of AI or ML was it customizes medicines for patients. Moreover, ML is based on the past date any misunderstanding can bring a large number of changes in the entire work field, so we have carefully deal with machine intelligence.

The world is being reshaped by machine learning. The scope of machine learning is day by day increasing in all sectors around the world. The job opportunities in this field are also increasing day by day. The future of ML in the health field id challenging and it is waiting to be restored


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