Machine Learning can help the Teaching Profession


Pandemic has forced millions of teachers around the world to learn how to use technology effectively for supporting student learning and for the assessments. It has also forced to stay connected with students, perform a different experiment on teaching model and also reduce the workload by focusing on the teaching.

Several solutions can help the teachers to become more effective which includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and also optimized workflows. One such example is Revisely which is an education company that provides helps to the teachers by giving them feedback on the students writing assessments such as papers and essays. This feature will help the teachers by saving their time by offering build-in-comment sets and also perform plagiarism for checking on student works. Another feature is that platform allows teachers to outsource correction work to specialized professionals such as retired teachers and also teachers in training.

Technology is changing the way people learn

Proctor exam is a tool that helps learners to take exams wherever they are around the world also these solutions can be mostly used for distance learning. Hence it is now used in traditional and hybrid learning scenarios in Germany, Netherlands, France, and Canada. Another example is in the United Arab emirates company known as global EDTech, alef education which was AI developed platform that acts as a teaching assistant. Technology is changing the way people learning and are reducing the workload for teachers. This Alef digital learning platform helps to saves teachers preparation time by building lessons and also provide appropriate media into the systems for the core subjects such as English, maths, and science. These AL and ML-powered existing platforms are already helping the teachers in the classroom today.

Technology will never replace the teachers

Teachers are a crucial part of the education process for guiding and also facilitation of the students learning . also the future will see more collaboration of teachers with the technology for the benefit of the students. For example, careerLauncher which is a training teacher portal that provides effective virtual teaching techniques and also technologies by using its portal. It consists of a blend of fun, learning, parenting and also monitoring to provide offline learning resources with tests, games, etc.

By combining interpersonal relationships, insightful education, and thoughtful teachers, technology can become an incredible asset. But the success and future of this depend on the partnership between the teachers and also the technology and bringing the solutions seamlessly into the classrooms.


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