SenseHawk’s with SaaS startup brings a helping hand to solar companies


SenseHawk a leading leader in AI-based software service for the entire solar lifecycle. It offers a cloud-based platform, which is integrated with a set of applications to support solar plant design and construction operation and maintenance.

 SaaS startup (Software As A Service) companies are corporations that use software service to customers. SaaS businesses have strong bond access to a wide global market and can grow without raising product delivery costs. It hosts an application and makes it available to customers through the internet.

 Recently, AI-powered  SenseHawk’s cloud-based platform with SaaS  Startup announced an integrated set of applications that help solar companies reduce costs, boost workforce productivity, and improve on-site performances. The key point behind this partnership was to reduce the maintenance operational cost of solar panel companies with help of AI-based technologies. Everything done in a solar plan can be managed by the system.

The company’s most of the data was in the format of Excel sheets emails etc. Later they decide to solve this problem by introducing a drone to monitor the solar projects where AI-based Drones collect all information about the projects which seems very much help to engineers to make decisions.

They decided to build an AI tool that combined everything solar businesses need from cradle to grave, from the development of the solar site, construction, and till the end of the life cycle. The AI-powered software service helps businesses to focus on on-site data management, drone data analytics, layout management, monitoring, site navigation, and work management.

Along with  AI-based software service, SenseHawk’s mobile application also supports onsite navigation and allows businesses to easily manage and delicate tasks on large acres of sites.

The business model, the startup works on a hybrid licensing where each solar project is treated as a separate entity. The average revenue varies depending on the project sizes. This startup helped the company to increase its revenue by millions. The SenseHawk plans to establish their focus on expanding the startup’s to geographical presence, Abu Dhabi, and target the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and other global markets. Therefore by combining  AI and machine learning application services can help solar companies reduce costs, enhance workforce productivity, and improve solar site performances and this launch can also spread light across the global business market.


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