‘Desh ki Mithas’: A campaign by Haldiram highlighting the importance of sweets in Indian tradition


Recently, Haldiram’s launched a campaign produced by Lowe Lintas Bangalore to revive the practice of celebrating with sweets.

The sweets have been the staple of celebration since time immemorial. Be it a royal partnership, a triumph, a divine gift, or a plain moment of pleasure, sweets have always been a companion of these moments of celebration and festivity. But today, the role once held by traditional Indian sweets has been filled by the likes of chocolates, cakes, cookies, and so on. Through this drive, Haldiram aims to remind Indians that in the absence of Mithai, festivities are incomplete.

The campaign by Lowe Lintas is an effort to use the system of nostalgia to turn the attention back on traditional Indian sweets or mithai. The advertising video is a medley that captures seven distinct scenarios in daily life and has undertones that make it as real as the brand itself.

Neeraj Agrawal, director, International Pvt, Haldiram Foods. “We have always been famous for our quality and continuity in our goods over the decades and the same applies to our sweets portfolio,” as said.  Sweets are eaten and distributed as gifts on a daily basis in India. During festivals, they also take on tremendous significance. By posing Haldiram’s as part of their everyday lives, this strategy was planned to make the brand highly connected to our viewers. Therefore ‘Desh Ki Mithaas’.

Speaking of the advertisement, Lowe Lintas chief creative officer Sagar Kapoor said: “Haldiram’s is as Indian as any brand can be. We are taking alive India’s passion for ‘meetha’ with this drive, the fact that we Indians do not need occasions to enjoy our sweets. Even, the fact we want to serve and share sweets a little bit more than enjoying them.”

The interactive campaign will mainly be seen through broadcast on television, internet, print and outdoor medium and social media campaigns.

Earlier, Haldiram launched another campaign named #HaldiramsCare for people visiting their favourite and secure food restaurant source to encourage social distance. The campaign was created by Choice Designs and is focused on ensuring consumer protection by encouraging on-the-ground social isolation, which was introduced at the outlets of the Haldiram.


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