Significance in Email Security Due To Increase in Cyber Threats


Email communication is an exchange of short informational messages between at least two people using a computer network. It is a common communication string that is critical to any business. In the digital era, email communication has become a regular part of our lives. Even though it’s being an important tool, most people don’t think about the data protection aspects of an email in detail, but it is very important not to understand about the data protection while sending emails and staying confidential since it can even harm or slash any business. With the increasing virus threat, phishing, hackers, identity theft, and spam it has our obligation to secure the business information and email security must be a priority.

Email security, in the same way as other different aspects of network security, covers only a single part of the entire cybersecurity architecture. It is a fact that numerous companies tend to ignore the significance of email security until a threat or serious breach has occurred. A huge number of employees are not really in a protected climate. Cyber-attacks, digital safety, hacking, cybersecurity, malware, mobile safety, password security, etc. are becoming some pressing issues. One with a piece of knowledge in hacking can easily limit traffic and forestall a few Denial of Service assaults (DoS) by configuring spoof intelligence control in the entire system or network.

In this pandemic situation, most of the companies around the globe have adopted work from home (WFH) culture. There has additionally been a spike in the number of cyberattacks and breaches, especially after this trend change. The risk is comparatively higher since the mass amount of data is vulnerable to external servers. The companies should be watching out for the most escalated risk achieved. There is a huge increase in phishing and social engineering campaigns that hackers use by utilizing the public fear to upgrade their adequacy. By trading off with an individual’s email account, attackers would then be able to send phishing emails out to his entire contact list, acting like the owner it is easy to pick up trust and spread their attack further. To prevent these, we can use some email safety methods.

Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Setting up an approach to login to your e-mail account on the web by guaranteeing multiple authentications can help in forestalling an attack through emails.

Configure spoof protection controls

It is better to configure spoof intelligence control in the system to avoid any sort of Denial of Service attacks (DoS).

Approve email security gateway implementation

It is better to implement an email security gateway to check the space of incoming emails that will help in distinguishing a danthreat ger and caution us before it affects the system.

Formalize phishing reporting process

Reporting an attack is significant. Companies need to contribute resources for setting up groups that evaluate regardless of whether it is only a scam email and provide protection from threats always

Create and operationalize phishing incident response playbooks

This aids in forming an automated operationalization of threat management where an incident response is build up which can deal with any threat consequently in the event of a recurrence.


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