Significance of IT services during the pandemic


IT industries play a significant role in the job environment and the country needs talented and skillful people for the development of the nation, as per the statement of TCS CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan.

He additionally accentuated on the requirement for experienced IT experts to grasp automation and other new advancements to stay competitive even as a youngster, who could be local to these new tools while entering the workforce.

Currently, Indian IT’s work potential is quite strong and continue developing in pace with where they see the chance. The overall proportion of IT to different businesses is a factor of what occurs in the bigger financial scenario, Gopinathan said in an ongoing online class on LinkedIn.

There have been worries of cutbacks in the IT division – which enlists a huge number of graduates each year due to an increase in automation. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting organizations all around the world, it was difficult for the IT sector to hire graduates due to a decline in projects.

Gopinathan, who heads the USD 22-billion firm, was as of late named as a LinkedIn Influencer, joining the rundown of famous characters like Satya Nadella, Vani Kola, Punit Renjen and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Tata Consultancy Services is the nation’s biggest IT benefits firm and utilizes over 4.4 lakh individuals.

Gopinathan mentioned that youngsters who have specialization in advanced tools could be more beneficial for the advancement of technologies. He also urges the experienced members especially the ones with 10-15 years experience that they should learn and enhance their skills in terms of usage of advanced software tools.

He included that while the software tools utilized today will be not the same as 15 years ago, but the context that the people have built up and the knowledge they have gathered is “important”, which positions the person in an exceptional position contrasted with any new individual entering the workforce.

Gopinathan said the COVID-19 pandemic has permitted individuals to utilize technologies more effectively by reducing the threshold of acceptability. Further, he added that video conferencing is not something which was invented 6-7 months ago, it was there in the market for quite a long period but it was not consistent. Now due to the pandemic, we are using those technologies quite often and a lot of the work content could be done through remote collaboration like we are currently doing and the acceptability of that increases among enterprises.


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