Signify launched a new TVC featuring Sanya Malhotra


Signify today debuted a new TV commercial for Philips decorative lighting, titled “Beauty that Moves You,” which stars leading Bollywood actress Sanya Malhotra. Her employment as a brand ambassador for Philips lighting was also announced by the firm. 

Sanya is seen swaying and dancing around in various rooms, captivated by the exquisite beauty of each decorative lighting product in the enchanting 50-second film, developed by BBH India. 

The lovely lights elevate the mood of the many physical locations in the house and are the centre of attention, which is accentuated by the film’s catchy original soundtrack. 

The final scene shows Sanya reclining in a lounge chair while adjusting the colours of the connected lights with her phone, with the phrase “Beauty that Moves You,” which accurately describes the film’s remarkable light creations. 

Customers are invited to sample Philips’ home lighting range at the company’s exclusive stores, known as Philips Smart Light Hubs, at the end of the film. 

Decorative lighting is a rising segment in India, with an increasing demand spurred by the resurrection of new home development across the country. These modern consumers are the goal of the TVC, who are looking for exclusive designs of decorative and connected lighting goods for their homes. 

Nikhil Gupta, Head of Marketing & Integrated Communications and Commercial Operations, Signify Innovations India Limited, said that their decorative lighting range, which includes chandeliers, pendants, wall lamps, and outdoor lights, is sold exclusively at their 200+ Philips Smart Light Hubs spread across the country, has a wide variety of beautiful designs. 

Their most recent TV commercial demonstrates how magnificent decorative lights can transform a room’s environment and appearance. Sanya Malhotra has been appointed as the brand ambassador for the Philips lighting collection. 

Actress Sanya Malhotra expressed her happiness at being affiliated with such an iconic brand as Philips, which stands for innovation and trust. 

Philips decorative lighting items have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, and she hopes that people will find and appreciate their stunning designs in stores. 

BBH Gurgaon’s Executive Creative Director, Ranadeep Dasgupta, argues that beauty is widely renowned for making people stop and stare. It sends them into delicious inertia. However, there is beauty here that makes you want to move. It makes people feel compelled to express themselves. It swayed them, taunted them, and moved them practically every time. 

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