Smooth sailing in L&T’s new ‘Investing ki Kashti’ campaign


‘Investing ki Kashti’ campaign aims to explain the attributes of an Index fund in a simple and engaging way, which will connect easily with prospective investors. L&T Mutual Fund highlights how investors, by investing in Index Funds, can ‘Sail Along’ in an ‘autopilot mode’.

The digital campaign begins with two kids sailing along a river in a rowboat. One of the kids struggles with the oar, trying to row the boat; the other kid sits back and relaxes. When asked why she is relaxing, she likens investing in Index Funds to sailing in a boat.

Just like the boat manages to sail smoothly in the face of the turns and twists of the river, Index funds allow investors to achieve effortless movement.

Mutual funds are broadly classified as Debt, Hybrid, and Equity. Within these three categories, different sub-categories cater to varying investment goals, time zones, and investing styles.

The equities category in Index funds has limited investor awareness. Through its 30 second digital film, L&T compares the attributes of the fund category to steering a boat in a flowing river.

Similar to a river that always flows onwards but can be turbulent at times, the portfolio of Index funds will mirror a broad-based index like the Sensex or Nifty, both in comparison and weightage, and may have minimal tracking error.

As the funds are passively managed and as they replicate the index, it reduces the market risk and portfolio volatility, following its underline benchmark. Also, this category of fund has a lower expense ratio.

The fund house wants to broadcast to all working professionals, men and women between 21 and 45 years of age, and across geographies through a comprehensive digital campaign including content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the company website, as well as content that is curated through the Amazon app, FireTV, on financial news portals as well as setting up online contests for the followers.

As of October 31, 2021, the Index Fund category has 17,81,931 folios. And the Net Assets Under Management currently stands at INR 37,528.16 crores (per AMFI data).

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