Snapchat Social Listening Tool: Track Market Trends


With 293 million users, Snapchat hosts a vast number of conversations every day. In August, Snapchat launched Snapchat Trends, enabling marketers to learn about topics that provoke the most discussion among younger consumers.

Besides showcasing the latest trends from the past week, the social listening tool also provides insights into how often keywords appear in photo captions. The Snapchat Trends don’t track private messages, instead highlighting words and phrases from public Stories and My Stories.

Jasmine Enberg, an eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence, said, “This is a platform-specific research tool that brands can use to develop their marketing strategies. Marketers can use this information to plan their campaigns and overall strategy both on and off the platform since it provides a bunch of new data on Snapchat users and highlights other social trends within the Snapchat community.”

Snapchat trend tool launched as it continues to expand its reach. The number of daily active users (DAUs) in the second quarter jumped 23% over a year ago, marking the fastest growth in the last four years. As a result of an increased user base and more diverse advertising formats, Snap grew its revenue more than twice to $982.1 million during the period. It was strong in features such as Spotlight, a TikTok lookalike, and expanded augmented reality (AR).

Using Snapchat’s social listening tool, users can find out how popular their keywords were, much like Google Trends. With Snapchat, marketers can also monitor trends in social media by getting greater visibility into the zeitgeist.

As part of Snapchat Trends, marketers can monitor what products people discuss and what types of activities they undertake. Marketers can track how their brands are faring against rivals in online conversations. Ad creative and copywriting can be informed by this information and be contextually relevant to target audiences for a wide range of product and service categories.

In addition, Snap has observed considerable activity around holidays and celebrations, such as National Ice Cream Day and International Women’s Day. Holidays and celebrations offer brands an opening to position their message and rally people.

Amidst the growth in e-commerce, tracking current trends is crucial for brands that are digitally native and direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales efforts. As consumers homebound ordered a greater variety of goods for delivery, this pandemic led to a significant increase in e-commerce activity.

Enberg said, “We estimate digitally native [DTC] e-commerce sales will reach $129.3 billion in 2021, an increase of 15.9% over 2020, not including travel or event tickets and food and drink sales. With Snapchat Trends, they can gather data about their core audience and analyze trends, which can help in their marketing strategies in e-commerce.”

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