Sociowash holds the Youth Marketing for OnePlus


Sociowash is a main innovative and Youth Marketing office in India that has held the order for the OnePlus Youth Marketing Program to expand a lot of voice among the youth.

The agency’s Youth advertising arm – YouthBeat will deal with the program in a state of harmony with the brand’s even-handed to take advantage of the student community and partner closely with them.

The idea of the student community and the increasing impact of hold inside the community is as yet underestimated. Hence, Sociowash attempts to overcome any issues of direct contact between the brand and the institute by planning the exercises for the Campus Ambassador Program and help OnePlus collect an elite community among youth.

OnePlus’ Campus Ambassador Program is a chance for young talented people to sharpen their abilities. With an enormous number of OnePlus innovation experts in colleges, we are pleased to collaborate with the brand and upgrade a lot of voice among the student community. We expect making procedures that advantage the brand and make space for the community members to flourish to produce results for the brand” said Raghav Bagai, fellow benefactor, Sociowash.

Sociowash will deal with all tasks related to the campus ambassador program including the choice to the recruitment of student representatives from top colleges dependent on desire showed, individual qualities, creativity, comprehension of innovation, passion for advertising, friendly character, and initiative characteristics. These individuals are nearest to the student community and can give significant bits of knowledge into the community’s impression of the brand. Besides, the agency will plan strategies to drive the development of the OP SAP community through talent unboxing events, clubhouse meetings, IG takeovers, and so forth.

As a feature of the program, students will acquire new abilities, work with the brand and see how it functions. As a piece of the SAP, the students additionally become qualified to encounter the most recent models of OnePlus smartphones, AIOT products, buds, and so on while becoming brand advocates/endorsers.

Sociowash has executed a wide range of comparative projects and advanced missions. The order comprises of result-arranged planning, preparing, and execution of Oneplus’ campus ambassador program by the agency. Moreover, the agency is responsible for increasing the value of the brand and student’s learning experience by planning a superior development-driven procedure for the brand.

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