Sorting out modern-day Big Data issues and challenges in analytics using IBM Cloud Pak


The world is quickly evolving and industry 4.0 has brought in various changes and technological innovation. To withstand and not to be swept away by this storm, enterprises have to keep pace in evolving to remain effective and data- and insights-driven.

As data gets created at every search, stream, click and swipe across the various ecosystem of mobile, web, in-store and so on, it is clear that the need to process data has grown beyond what the traditional data centres can handle.

Businesses are happy to have more data, but using them effectively is a huge problem they face. According to a recent survey, almost 73% of the company’s data goes unused for analytics. Thus to handle this wide and big data, the emerging trend is enterprise cloud to the edge of the network topology. “Edge” here refers to the plane of computing that is closer to the source of the data and away from the enterprise cloud or data centre.

Traditional data management and related analytics are expensive and put greater pressure on security controls, data movement and storage. According to Gartner, “around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data centre or cloud. By 2025, this figure will reach 75%.” To address these modern-day big data issues and analytics challenge, IBM is building IBM Cloud Pak for Data as the enterprise data and AI platform.

This Cloud Pak for Data-driven Edge Analytics helps in analyzing the data on the edge gateways using the application and analytical models. It provides near-real-time analytics insights and offers flexibility to control the data sent to the enterprise cloud. This aids in reducing costs and lowers risk.

Generally, IBM Cloud Pak for Data-driven Edge Analytics can help organizations in:

  • Providing near-real-time insights while reducing costs
  • Improves data security
  • Can operate across multiple enterprise cloud while extending to the network edge.

Cloud Pak for Data works with the IBM Edge Application Manager for autonomous management for edge computing. Cloud Pak for Data will provide the data and AI plane for the enterprise to carry out analytical and data management functions, while the IBM Edge Application Manager manages the deployment of these assets across endpoints, including edge gateways, where Cloud Pak for Data powered edge analytics would run.

To strengthen the offering, IBM is partnering with strategic technology vendors like Equinix and Eurotech.


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