SPAG partners with Reckitt to spearhead transformative communications


SPAG, the award-winning PR agency, a FINN Partners company, has announced a strategic partnership with Reckitt, to champion impact-driven communications for a healthier world. Rickett’s thought leadership voice and commitment to improving hygiene and sustainability in the ASEAN region are supposed to be elevated by this campaign. Reckitt plans to exercise this commitment through activities like stakeholder engagement, building of opinion leaders, development of content and design, and social media and media strategizing. Amidst a changing world, this collaboration is a pivotal step forward for both organizations toward shaping a sustainable and transparent communications landscape. 

With issues like global warming, and its consequences including temperature anomalies, and the spread of diseases like Covid-19 and Monkey Pox, there is an urgency to strengthen the resilience of global health. 

In the developing areas in Asia, these changes add a lot of pressure to the weak health infrastructures and manpower constraints. As a result, there is a need for solutions-oriented causes and organizations that value sustainability to protect the future of these regions. Establishing transparent communications will hence be paramount to brands. SPAG stands at the forefront of this change. 

SPAG has a strong footprint in Asia, including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and so it is well-versed in the region’s integrated communications landscape. SPAG recently joined FINN Partners. Its specializations are in public affairs, public relations, and advocacy in healthcare as well as other sectors. SPAG is, thus, a vertical-agnostic company. With its partner, D Yellow Elephant – a digital and social media firm, SPAG offers many communication-driven solutions which include content development, website and SEO, design and conceptualization, social media, and media engagement. 

SPAG believes in the power of driving meaningful conversations. Its positioning in Asia’s communications landscape and its expertise in the healthcare and innovation sectors show the depth of understanding that SPAG has of what customers and brands today are looking for, i.e., safety, transparency, and reassurance in the new world order. SPAG’s subject matter expertise and solutions-driven communications will support Reckitt’s mission to build a cleaner and healthier world. 

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