Sprite finds place among top 3 soft drinks brands of Coca-Cola                                           


Sprite has joined ThumsUp and Kinley as one of all Coca-Cola India’s pinnacle tender drinks manufacturers. The carbonate logo’s sales surged 41.7% to at least one—three billion liters in 2021, rebounding from a dip in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

With most of the pandemic regulations lifted by June this 12 months, the emblem’s sales have taken off and are set to go 1.5 billion liters in 2022. With this expected increase in income, Sprite will contribute 23.4% of Coca-Cola India’s typical soft drinks volumes in 2022, says Global Data, a central fact, and analytics organization.

Bobby Verghese, client Analyst at Global Data, feedback: “the critical achievement element for Sprite is its lime-lemon flavor, a crowd preferred in India, in which ‘nimbu pani (lemonade) is a traditional summertime drink.

Sprite has also won a lead over rival PepsiCo India’s lemon-lime carbonates manufacturers, 7 Up and Mountain Dew. The sales of 7 Up are anticipated to reach a predicted 520 million liters, and Mountain Dew is set to go the only-billion liters mark in 2022*.

The mass-market pricing attraction of those small packs boosted the consumption frequency of the carbonates emblem.

For instance, a 250ml bottle of Sprite that retails at INR20 and a 300ml can at INR40 is considered less costly to the fee-touchy masses.

Moreover, the small serve portions meet the consumers desires for on-the-go consumption and calorie control. Swati Polavaram, a purchaser Analyst at Global Data, notes: Sprite has constantly trusted brand campaigning strategies that engage purchasers with a simple but effective message that it’s miles the move-to drink for the hot Indian climate.

“Our business is resilient amidst a dynamic operating and macroeconomic environment. We are investing in our strong portfolio of brands, which is a cornerstone of our ability to deliver long-term value for our stakeholders,” Quincey said

Cola-Cola India has expanded and penetrated more excellent relevant sales channels, allowing Sprite to benefit from a dominant role with a 35% proportion in India’s non-cola sparkling smooth drinks segment, some distance from its competitors*.

The Indian non-cola glowing section is anticipated to grow via 29% in 2022 yr-on-yr, driven majorly via Sprite’s overall performance in Q3 2022*.”

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