Sprite wants the audience to chill with its new campaign


20th April 2022: Coca-Cola India, one of the country’s largest beverage firms, has launched a new campaign for India’s favorite lemon and lime-flavored beverage, Sprite, called ‘Thank Rakh.’ The ad uses light hearted conversation to reinforce the brand’s fundamental theme of being the go-to refreshing drink when the summer heat becomes unbearable. 

Sprite, a unique and vibrant lemon-flavored carbonated drink, is India’s number one brand in the flavored carbonated drinks category, known for providing consumers with rapid refreshment. In the future, the brand will continue to be important to the Company, providing a great-tasting beverage for both at-home and on-the-go events. 

‘Thand Rakh,’ according to the brand, was created to appeal to teens and young people who are prone to giving in to irritating situations as they face obstacles and explore the world. This campaign encourages consumers to be calm during tense situations by encouraging them to reset and cool down with a bottle of Sprite. According to Tish Condeno, senior director, effervescent tastes category, Coca-Cola INSWA, Sprite has always been known for reviving consumers’ minds and bodies. “As they battle the summer heat and the myriad problems of the ‘new normal,’ Thand Rakh invites our audience to drink a cool beverage called ‘Sprite’ and keep calm. 

Ogilvy came up with the idea for the new campaign. 

The advertisement uses a lighthearted tone to demonstrate how teens and young adults can lose their cool in the blink of an eye in today’s world. It then shows how a single sip of Sprite may instantly relieve the ‘heat’ and bring the drinker back to normalcy. The campaign will air on local television stations around the country, as well as online and out-of-home advertising. 

The out-of-the-box campaign, which perfectly coincides with the Coca-Cola Company’s objective of “Refreshing the World, Making a Difference,” will air on television channels across the country, and will be accompanied by digital and out-of-home marketing initiatives. 

Sprite has not only established itself as the definitive youth brand, but its marketing efforts have also led to authentic, edgy, and urban dialogues. Sprite’s new campaign attempts to re-establish itself as the drink of choice for customers who want to face challenges head on, or for those who simply want to beat the heat, stay cool, and ‘relax’ during the sweltering summer months ahead. 

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