Star Cement launches its new campaign starring Akshay Kumar


The Largest cement manufactures in East India, Star Cement rolled out its new campaign featuring the biggest Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador. The commercial featuring the actor conveys the message that the roof made with Star Cement takes the least time for setting.

Star cement is considered as East India’s pioneer cement brand with an output that is marketed through a network of over 6000 dealers and retailers spread across the North East, resulting in the largest share of the market in North East India. As a result of superior quality products Star cement has developed a fine image in the market and is considered as one of the prominent cement manufacturers

A digital film was launched as part of the campaign, featuring the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar as a helicopter pilot. The video shows how Akshay Kumar and his co-pilot ties to land their helicopter after it develops some difficulty while flying. The co-pilot starts to panic and worries about how they would land safely, while Akshay Kumar confidently lands the helicopter on the roof of a new house constructed using Star cement.

With the tagline “Hai Tayyar Hum”, the commercial conveys the message that the roof made with Star cement takes the least time for setting, and provides strong and reliable roofing. The 45-second campaign video would also have 30 and 20-second edits in languages including Hindi, Assamese, and Bengali. The campaign would also be supported by billboards featuring the Bollywood star, all across Bihar, North East, and West Bengal. In addition to this, the campaign would also be featured on FM radio and through various social media platforms.

The CEO of Star Cement, Sanjay Kumar Gupta commented that “the company is now entering into a distinct phase of growth and a new chapter of the brand’s journey”. He also added that the greatest icon representing their brand would reflect the commitment and determination of Star cement to face all the challenges that have come their way. Commenting on the huge development, he said that Star cement is extremely proud and happy to have Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador and believes that the association would be beneficial to the brand.

Akshay Kumar expressed his joy over the association with Star Cement. He commented that he is quite delighted to work with Star Cement and to support their goal of being one of the fastest-growing cement brands in Eastern India. He also added that he had quite fun while playing the role of a pilot in the TVC.

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