Sushi and cupcakes for Gulab jamun Swiggy Uncle’s platter for this IPL


The Gulab Jamun loving Swiggy Uncle is back again to his series for this IPL season with yet another variety of sweets to hit the brand campaign. This campaign has released two films, a few days back. This ad shows the Swiggy Uncle trying out new eatables like Sushi, croissants and cupcakes. Albeit, this time we miss your match commentary as well as your wife, who always have a close keep on his shenanigans.

We asked many industry experts about their opinion about bringing back Adland’s beloved chowhound and his new adventures. Mr K V Sridhar, Global chief creative officer of Nihilent Limited and Hypercollective, said that “I used to myself in that character because I used to do the same thing: sneaking in dainty while hiding from the keen eyes of others. This is the sole reason that I loved this campaign. But while taking the character of Swiggy Uncle from that homely scenario and taking him to the shooting location; now this particular looks like more of an inside joke.” He adds up to this that, most of us could relate to such a character in our house, among friends or within our surroundings especially during the time of IPL.

He also comments that the idea and execution of the ad are so amazing and they have done a brilliant job.” Undoubtedly, the ads are really good but it would have been much better if they also took other people trying new things. Uncle did not fit well there”.

Mr K S Chakravarthy, Former ad filmmaker and ex-chief creative officer at agencies like FCB, Ulka, has no complaints about this ad. He says, that “I love such ads which I use to see regularly on-air with chopsticks and I always find it interesting and I enjoy watching them even after seeing it for ten times”.

Swiggy has been doing well with different and unexpected ideas without showing the usual cliches of teenagers and adults, even in this ad too it’s so simple but they have executed it beautifully. Different from others, the dropping of cricket commentary was a good idea according to him. They have also avoided the usual cliché of IPL and this especially hit it well and truly out of the park.

Mr Ambi Parameswaran, the Brand -Building Founder and Brand Strategist praises the ad, “I loved last year’s Gulab Jamun uncle and this year it continues with him, but has added a new layer to the narrative”. The ad also receives a message that “everyone should always try something new” through Swiggy. The Twitter-verse was also so much impressed with this campaign. It is produced by Zigzag Films.

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