Pfizer: Top advertiser on radio, as per the 2021 report


TAM   AdEx report on radio advertising states that Jan- Mar’21 witnessed a 6 percent rise in radio ad volumes compared to last year. Advertising volume on radio reduced by 12 percent in Jan-Mar’21. Within 6 months, by   March 21, they had registered for the highest ad volumes for radio. The lowest ad volumes were recorded in Feb’21. Mar’21 also had a 3 percent increase in ad volumes than oct’20.

Throughout the period from Jan-Mar’21, there was a sum of 4200 and more brands performing on brand advertising. The top 10 brands on the radio were a mix of BFSI and the auto sector. More than 2300 advertisers and 3000 brands are launching their advertisements during Jan-Mar’20 on the radio. Pfizer was the top advertiser and brand during Jan-Mar’20.

The service sector has bagged the top and has more than one-fourth of radio and volumes during Jan-Mar’21. The top 3 sectors together had a sum of 55 percent share of radio ad volumes and secured their position as compared to Jan-Mar’20. The rank of the auto sector had a major shift, they have moved from 5th to 4th  in Jan -Mar ’21 over Jan-Mar’20.

Real Estates category has been in the top during Jan-Mar’21 with 11 percent share of ad volumes. Life Insurance was the second most advertising category on the radio. Housing and construction loans and cement were the new entrants in the top 10 categories compared to last year. Properties and Real Estates among categories saw a rapid increase in ad seconds with the growth of 28 percent followed by corporate-pharma/healthcare with 8 times growth. LIC  of India topped among the advertisers on the radio.

Gujarat was on the top with a 20 percent share of ad volumes, followed by Maharashtra with a 16 percent share. The top 5 states have possessed 63 percent of ad volumes and south radio stations have a 26 percent share on radio. New Delhi has succeeded over 18 cities followed by Jaipur in 2nd position. The top 10 cities have 69 percent of total ad volumes on the radio.

Real Estates has bagged the top position with a 12 percent share in the cluster (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai )  and has a 10 percent share in cluster 2. Out of the top 10, 7 categories were common between them. The top categories have 46 percent and 44 percent respectively. LIC of India has topped among the advertisers of cluster 1 and cluster 2. Top 10 advertisers added to 30 percent of the share.

Prime Time was the most preferred time band on the radio and was followed by morning and afternoon time -bands. Ad length on the radio has the same share of ad volumes in both years. Ad commercials with 20-40 sec preferred for advertising on the radio during both years.

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