InMobi launched its new In-Game Advertising for Global Agencies and Brands


InMobi, the world’s one of the largest independent marketing cloud, recently announced their new launch of in-game advertising on the InMobi exchange. The invention and launch of this in-game platform on InMobi exchange will now enable the brand to reach its various premium mobile users across the world with ads that would blend into the environment of the game.

This would be much similar to the electronic advertising boards in an in-game sports stadium, an esports arena or as the extremely popular and hyper-casual gaming space. During the past more than one year, the electronic and digital consumption among the users had skyrocketed due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

According to a recent report published by KPMG’s India Media and Entertainment, the online gaming sector was the fastest-growing segment in the Media and Entertainment sector, recording a 45% growth in its revenue based on the user-base surpassed 365 million fiscal when it ended by March 2020. The mobile gaming industry is expected to continue its boost in its growth on the trajectory. InMobi’s advertising solutions for its in-game solutions will enable various brands to grasp this platform to reach out to their users in a more effective and advanced way.

Meantime, InMobi exchange roped a partnership with several other leading- industry platforms in the in-game space which, includes platforms like Admix, Bidstack, Anzu, Adverty, Sayollo and Frameplay. The breadth of these partnership emphasizes that different advertisers from across the globe can access this type of premium inventory at a scale and diversity which is usually unmatched by any other mobile supply-side platforms that are available these days.

While speaking about this exceptional growth of the mobile gaming industry, Mr Jayesh Ullattil, the Vice President and General Manager for India at InMobi said that “our country is the 5th largest mobile gaming market in the world. with this ingenious partnership would enable advertisers to maximize further with an already engaged and watchful audience”.

“InMobi has made a radical growth in the native in-game advertising, which then became an integral brand in the digital media,” said the CEO and Founder of AdlnMo. Their heritage and experience is the perfect match for our dedicated mobile game inventory.

According to Yonatan Attias, the CEO of Sayollo, “we are grateful and happy to be in partnership as the pioneers in the in-game industry and to give our publishers various ways to fabricate their content”.

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