Stayfree’s #ItsJustAPeriod campaign: Families play a key role in the healthy period conversation with their girls


Menstrual Hygiene Day, which was celebrated last week in May28, provides a global platform for girls to talk about their menstrual hygiene management. The world Menstrual Hygiene day theme for this year was ‘Periods in Pandemic’. With the extended lockdown period due to the spread of Covid-19, people are forced to stay indoors and the challenges faced by women in this situation had worsened.

On this day, Stayfree launched a new video with an initiative to make families aware of the importance of period conversations. They launched their campaign named #ItsJustAPeriod to make women realize how should they handle their mental stress and physical weakness during periods with much confidence. The campaign asks families to have a healthy talk to their women about menstruation and give them huge support. There is widespread concern among people regarding the availability of menstrual supplies like sanitary pads, menstrual cups, pain medication, etc during this lockdown period. Also, with the disruption in education and health news, there is a lack of flow in information among people in their menstrual hygiene and health. This can also lead to increased doubts and fear among women if the families won’t provide them the right information about it. Also, in this pandemic, there is a possibility for the rise of increased harmful traditional customs followed by families during the menstrual period of women.

Stayfree had also tied up with Menstrupedia which is a platform to provide a friendly period guide to girls and help them manage the stress better. It will also pay the way for the girls to have the first conversation with families about periods. The vice president and marketing head of Johnson & Johnson, Manoj Gadgil talked on this day that the World Menstrual Hygiene Day is a reminder for all that normalizing the periods for girls is within our hands and we have to deal with it carefully. Also, with the absence of teachers’ guide for the girls with their first period, families must make them feel free to talk about it. Thus, the campaign aims at avoiding the loneliness of the girls at this period and make them happier.


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