How brands are reintroducing their logos to spread the message of safety amidst Covid-19


The outbreak of Covid-19 had led to a change in the normal lifestyle of people spreading across almost 200 countries. The Government is taking all the possible initiatives to ensure the safety of the people and stop the spread of the virus. The entire situation is very pathetic and it had also led to a decrease in the revenue of brands and businesses. The government had made strict policies and rules to make people maintain social distance.

The most interesting fact seen recently is the brands coming forward with new strategies to make people aware of the current situation and maintain social distancing. Brands connect with people and spread the primacy of safety by introducing facemask to the logos. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. are used by the brands to introduce their new logos temporarily and many have decided to continue with the new logo for long term. The brands came up with this idea from the insight that the lifestyle of people is going to change at least for some time.

The most remarkable contribution was made by brands like Subway, McDonald’s, Zomato etc. Subway reintroduced its logo with a face mask and a tagline to pass the “stay safe” message. Zomato is also ready with its new logo with a face mask and the tagline “Stay Safe, be a mask Kalandar” and MakeMyTrip along with the logo, launched a campaign #MakeSafeTripPledge in social media. Coal India, India’s state-owned coal mining and refinery company tweeted their logo and showed their support and deep connection with their customers. Dunzo, a delivery service provider launched its new logo design in its social media pages. Vodafone, RedMirchi have also done something creative with their logo to make people aware of the importance of the social distancing whereas OYO tried a change by including sanitizer in their logo. It is also very interesting to see the traveling agencies and apps coming up with logos that ask people to travel later and stay indoors to fight with the current situation. The new logo of Audi is four separate rings which indicate social distancing.

Thus, companies bringing new initiatives to follow government rules and motivate people to stay indoors is a very significant contribution.


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