Stella Artois comes up with their dreamy summer music video


Summer campaign with a dreamy music video launched by Stella Artois, inviting all the people around the world to slide into a daydreaming state of mind from home this summer, starring everyday people with special appearances by Eva Longoria, Liev Schreiber and Blake Griffin plus a collaboration with Tripadvisor that turns canceled vacations into dream staycations.

The daydream theme encourages people to create the only of their homebound pandemic lives by daydreaming their way into a stronger mood with a refreshing beer. Likewise, the partnership with TripAdvisor aims to help people make the foremost effective of canceled vacations by rediscovering their hometown.

“In these times, our imaginations are more active than ever because it’s as close as we can get to living the summer we had envisioned,” said Lara Krug, VP of promoting, Stella Artois. “With Stella in hand, we wish to point that you are just a daydream off from The Life Artois and encourage people to still savor those special moments with the people that matter most, however, which can look.”

Stella Artois is additionally teaming up with TripAdvisor to point to the canceled vacations that individuals are daydreaming about into unforgettable staycations within the ‘Stella Staycation Swap.’

Set to a hauntingly romantic rendition of the enduring song Daydream, reimagined by beloved, indie-folk singer M. Ward, the music video features Eva Longoria, Blake Griffin, and Liev Schreiber yet as everyday people and shows what every day for a daydream are often when people embrace The Life Artois by setting themselves absolve to daydream and embrace the summer version of themselves.

As said by Liev Schreiber, Award-winning actor, director, and producer “Stella Artois has always been my beer of choice. So once they approached me this summer about doing something which may feel inspiring and perhaps even a little amount of healing… it had been a simple call”.

Stella Artois could be a component of a Belgian brewing tradition dating back to 1366. it’s the No. 1 Belgian beer within the world and is present in 95 countries. Stella Artois is additionally a bottom filtered, blonde pilsner. Stella Artois is best enjoyed served between 37.4- and 41-degree Fahrenheit and may be served within the unique Stella Artois Chalice in step with the 9-Step Pouring Ritual to create an ideal experience of this gold standard lager.

M.Ward stated that “I love everything about the song and thus the assembly of ‘Daydream’ but I wanted to play with it and take a look at to want it out of the sixties and try to place it with other no-era or all era songs maybe have it occupy some quite ‘daydream’ space that’s hard to place where it came from or where it’s going. I’ve been an infinite fan of John Sebastian’s work since hearing “Welcome Back” on TV once I was probably 4 years old. Still the most effective TV theme song of all time.”


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