Stories come to an end for LinkedIn


The 24-hour lasting stories have been the go-to for almost all social media platforms. These stories give a quick glimpse as to what has been recently happening in all our lives. This same approach was introduced by the American business and employment online service, LinkedIn.

The feature of adding stories and its success in promoting ad campaigns was adopted by LinkedIn for the very same reason other social media platforms have, to be able to reach a wider audience. 

These tappable bubbles on each person’s profile have helped people on the LinkedIn community to get a quick and engaging update on one’s professional journey. Not just individuals but organizations could also share important professional moments.

LinkedIn stories share all the features of Instagram stories, such as the story lasts for 24 hours, one could hide the story from whoever they desired to hide it from, people could engage in making their stories attractive by adding emojis, GIFs, stickers, etc. But LinkedIn stories couldn’t click and engage their audience like Instagram stories.

For organizations, in particular, LinkedIn stories allowed them to display how the company functions, what the company culture is, and what to expect in a day in the office, etc to their possible future employers. 

Unfortunately, LinkedIn has decided to shut down this feature which was just brought in last year. A large online organization like LinkedIn has decided to remove this tech from its sites due to how it has not reached the goal it had intended to. 

LinkedIn started this feature to go big with its audience but wasn’t able to do so. But LinkedIn has not given up. This time LinkedIn has decided to not settle for less, and they are also trying to make sure not to follow the already prescribed measures for marketing.

Instead, LinkedIn is deciding to go a step further and better by enabling better video features for their ad campaigns and promotion purposes. These video features promise to be creative and more engaging and when the tech team does come up with this feature LinkedIn promises to capture and reach out to a wider audience like never before.

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