What if you were in charge of ad campaigns for Domino’s, Air India? Experts opinion


In recent few days, there has been news of data breaches of companies like Air India and dominos, Cyberattack on the companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, and big basket. Due to these cases, a particular concern emerges on who will take the supreme responsibility. Does advertising play some role behind such events? 

IT Infosys came up with a report stating that Top brands are at risk of losing almost $223 billion due to this kind of cyber-attack and data breach.

Some Experts have been asked that what will be their approach if they were the advertising head of these companies:

Agencies need to work in-depth, if a client feels that their brand image gets negatively affected they have all right to address it and the campaign includes the facts related to it. A well-known celebrity can be deployed for trust and values. – Satbir Singh, Thinkstr

Brands should come forward as clean and apologize, along with a convincing statement like their important credential are safe with them. Displaying their security and protection measures to ensure the customers it will not going to happen again – Sumanto Chattopadhyay, 82.5 Communications

It is beyond PR agency activity and advertising measures, highly insensitive fact that someone’s data get leaked. If it happened to me I will be sure that no celebrities will ever be going to give me assurance for its safety. It’s better to stand out and come up with solution and modification which can ensure the customer that this thing will not be going to repeat – Rohit Malkani, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi

Before jumping into direct solutions, I would prefer to engage in getting as much as relevant data on a sensitive issue like data breaches, especially in the light of the recent controversy around WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter in India – Titus Upputuru, Taproot Dentsu

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