Story Digital attains digital mandate for VS by Sehwag


The brands claim to make a great entry while announcing their launch. VS by Sehwag has performed that with the help of Story Digital, the brains after the brand’s viral pre-launch campaign.

Story Digital’s extended work for VS by Sehwag includes Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Product Design, Packaging Design, Website Development, Communication Strategy, Launch Strategy and Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Influencer Marketing, and PR.

Firstly, Sehwag’s voice takes off-guard till we understand that it’s the smart brand message. The replies to the tweet are nothing quick of pure intellectual. Story Digital stated that making VS by Sehwag to life was a difficulty.

Within 30 seconds, the task was to tell that a part of the money buyers has been paying to premium activewear brands adds no value while referring to a solution to make the visitors tickling. 

Virender Sehwag said The crew hit out of the place with the pre-launch procedure. It was great to see the high-engagement content designed out in a way that allows me to be myself while recording the message. I wanted to not act in any way. So it was pure Uncompromised. The content up and coming up content will entertain the audience while also giving out my message to them.

Shivam Phanda, the Founding partner of Story Digital, said, “Every time customer to put the Honest Pricing strategy at the epicenter. The brand’s objective is to offer the right quality at the right price, the latest goal of the pre-launch campaign was to assure that the message was clear so that the visitors could start searching the products and Uncompromised.

On the first day, the visits soared to 25K+ and automated messages with the website link to go to all of them right after the press release.

Story Digital focuses on joining digital experiences for brands with their key focus on growth. Ticking the first phase of a unified experience for VS by Sehwag customers, the team declares we need to focus on touching a revenue of 100cr through an omnichannel approach while helping the brand recognize and monitor all the digital points that can lead to the defined goal.

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