Gen Z’s poor digital experiences can lead to various Brands loosing their half of the consumers


Gen Z is known for being “digital natives” who were born after the internet was commercialized and who grew up using smartphones, making them fluent in messaging, social media and other apps. It is becoming necessary for retailers and brands to make a good and lasting impression on Gen Zers, or risk losing them to competitors.

After the health crisis began, 87% of Gen Z said their online shopping skills have improved, with 26% saying they had used a mobile device to make a purchase for the first time. Eighty-three percent of Gen Zers said they view online shopping as an experience rather than a mere transaction. They have high expectations, with three quarters wanting new and exciting experiences when they shop online. According to survey, “71% of respondents want the experience to be personalized, and 76% said their favorite brands should reward them for their business.” Gen Z also expects fast service, with 80% saying retailers that can deliver in fewer than 24 hours are more appealing. More than a third (37%) said free delivery was the most important consideration for shopping online. Gen Z also wants websites that work well on mobile devices (53%), remember users’ shopping preferences (46%) and offer personalized suggestions (43%) on products.

Sitecore’s this research was done by Advanis, is based on survey of more 1,000 Gen Z consumers aged 18 to 24, in U.S.


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