Synaptic report highlights 15 High-Growth Companies driving the Creator Economy in 2022


Synaptic identifies 15 high-growth companies in the Creator Economy space based on the Synaptic Growth Index, a composite score derived from multiple alternative data signals. Companies covered include Pepper Content, Guardian Link, Contentfly, Substack, Beacons AI, Scalenut, Spotter, Pod People and others.

Mumbai, June, 2022:  The Creator Economy is driven by rapid growth in content creation, distribution, and platforms. While the human element of the creator economy is clear — producers, consumers, supporters, and collectors — there are multiple technologies and business models that define the interactions and interface between them. Powered by these software-driven tools and active communities, the sector has witnessed multiple technological advancements and trends — such as Web3, NFTs, new avenues for audience creation and expansion, and cutting-edge services for creators.

Synaptic, a leading alternative data insights platform focused on providing actionable insights to global financial firms and investors, published its “15 high-growth companies in the Creator Economy” report. The report highlights 15 global companies that ranked high on the Synaptic Growth Index — a proprietary algorithm that ranks companies’ performance based on multiple alternative data points.

Sectors covered in the report include:

  • NFT marketplaces and platforms: NFT marketplaces allow creators to store and display their NFTs, and consumers to buy and auction them for crypto or cash.
  • Popular companies – Rarible, Guardian Link
  • Tools enabling content creators: These are tools that support creation and distribution of text content, video and music, and other associated services. Apart from creation tools, they also help creators with monetization and publishing across platforms.
    • Popular companies – Pepper Content, Contentfly, Substack, Beacons AI, Scalenut, Spotter, Pod People, Groover, Statusphere
  • Influencer marketing platforms: Online influencer marketing platforms are designed to assist brands in their marketing campaigns. While these platforms primarily provide tools to find product promoters and agencies, additional features include relationship management, campaign management, influencer markets, external company statistics, and content enhancement.
    • Popular companies – Invideo, Woomio, Insense, Influencity

Commenting on the report, Rohit Razdan, Co-Founder, Synaptic, said, “Looking at the growth trajectory of the Creator Economy industry, we looked at companies on Synaptic and handpicked 15 that ranked high on the Synaptic Growth Index, our proprietary index that captures the growth momentum of a company in the last 12 months. At Synaptic, our aim is to empower investors to make better investment decisions by leveraging various alternative datasets.”

Below is the list of high-performing Creator Economy companies, both growth-stage and early-stage, identified by Synaptic:

Company DescriptionHQLast Funding RoundTotal Funding($ in millions) Synaptic Growth Index 
RaribleRarible is an operator of a community-owned NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and auction off digital collectibles.USASeries A 16Fast Growth 
Guardian LinkGuardian Link enables blockchain commerce through its Omni Blockchain legitimacy protocol.IndiaSeries A 12Fast Growth 
Pepper ContentPepper Content is a content-mediation platform that connects writers to organizations that require content.IndiaSeries A 18.7Fast Growth 
ContentflyOn-demand content marketing, for a monthly feeCanada36.4Fast Growth
SubstackSubstack is a subscription-based newsletter publishing platform for independent writersUSA Series B 82.4 Fast Growth 
Beacons AIBeacons is a link-in-bio website builder for creatorsUSASeed 6.2Fast Growth 
Scalenut Scalenut is an all-encompassing content management SaaS platformIndia Seed 0.4 Fast Growth 
Spotter Spotter provides a financial solution for independent content creators across digital platformsUSASeries D 231 Fast Growth 
Groover Groover is an innovative platform reinventing music promotion by guaranteeing feedbacks to musicians from relevant music influencers.France Venture 8.5 Steady Growth 
Pod People Pod People is the only on-demand workforce for audio production, with a vast network of hand-picked audio professionals across the globeUSA Pre Seed 0.025Fast Growth 
Invideo Invideo is re-inventing video creation and making it accessible to the worldSingapore Series B 52.5 Fast Growth 
StatusphereConnects Brands with Micro-InfluencersUSA Seed 0.125Steady Growth 
WoomioWoomio enables brands, agencies, retailers, and online influencers to find each other and measure on their collaborations.Denmark Seed 3.6Steady Growth 
InsenseInsense is a data-driven creative platform helping brands to get mobile-first video content from a network of 35,000 video creatorsUSASeed 1.5Steady Growth 
Influencity The most completed AI-powered influencer marketing platform for worldwide brands and agencies.Spain Convertible Note 1.1Steady Growth 

Note: Data in the table is as of April 2022


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