T.A.C. makes Kajal Aggarwal the face of ‘Ayurvedic Dashapushpadi’


T.A.C. – The Ayurveda companyAyurveda Company, an Ayurvedic D2C FMCG brand, entered the baby care category in May 2022 with India’s first Made Safe Certified Toxin Free Ayurvedic Dashapushpadi Baby Care products. To bring Ayurvedic baby care to every Indian household, T.A.C has recruited a new mom and hugely popular actress in Bollywood and Tollywood, Kajal Aggarwal. Blessed with a baby boy Neil in April, Kajal is a firm believer in Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic lifestyle; therefore, there was an immediate affinity for this association with pure, toxin-free, premium-quality, yet affordable Ayurvedic formulations for children.

Kajal came on board as the face of T.A.C’s childcare range, appearing in an ad film about a new mom’s journey into motherhood, insecure but strong, caring but paranoid, curious but only wanting the best and safest for herself. child, and thus resort to Ayurveda. It decodes the unmatched quality and benefits of TAC in the Ayurvedic baby care segment. Renowned celebrity fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani also participated in the shoot to show the beautiful bond between a mother and her child.

Shreedha Singh explained the importance of working with Kajal, CEO and co-founder of The Ayurveda Company: “When a child is born, so are the parents and they, especially mothers, are picky about the last detail. their child. While growing up, our generation had a distant relationship with Ayurveda due to superstitions and doubts about its efficacy and safety. We understand that the adoption journey for children’s products only begins after several parental approvals have been passed. To understand this gap between Ayurveda and babies, we surveyed more than 1000+ parents and parents-to-be and it was heartening for us at T.A.C to find that 91% of parents want Ayurvedic baby products. This assured us that we strived to empower parents to start their child’s journey early with Ayurveda and tell the story through someone who believes in the power of Ayurveda, Kajal.

Dashapushpadi, meaning Dasha (ten) + Pushp (flowers) + Adi (and more), the range is made with premium Ayurvedic ingredients containing 10 sacred and exotic flowers that help in the healthy development of a baby’s delicate skin, hair, and overall condition. The introductory line includes 5 products – body massage oil, body lotion, body lotion, baby shampoo, and cornstarch-based talc-free dusting.

T.A.C aims to expand its omnichannel presence by launching more than 3,000 retail outlets including 50 Exclusive Brand Stores (EBO Kiosks) across the country by March 23. In a short span from June to August 22, T.A.C has already launched 10 retail outlets across New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Bengal, and more. The company expects to grow its revenue to INR 100 million in FY22-23 – a five-fold growth over FY22 revenue of INR 20 million, and become the fastest D2C brand to reach this milestone in less than 24 months.

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