TaCa Healthcare launches campaign to promote Patient Safety


Ensuring equitable access to high-quality healthcare services is one technique for reducing health disparities caused by differences in people’s social and economic circumstances. We are certain that just eliminating needless hospitalizations could be an ethical and cost-effective strategy for providing equal healthcare.

TaCa Healthcare’s mission is to make high-quality, short-stay surgery inexpensive and accessible to the general public. TaCa Centre for Surgery provides complete patient care.

TaCa Healthcare, India’s fastest-growing ethical and sustainable health-tech start-up, is establishing equitable access to high-quality healthcare services as one way for reducing health disparities caused by differences in people’s social and economic circumstances. TaCa Healthcare launches the #HumApkaKhayalRakhteinHain (We take care of you) campaign in honor of World Patient Safety Day.

TaCa believes that patient care has multiple dimensions, including raising awareness about seeking medical aid at an early stage of an illness, providing inexpensive and timely access to treatment, ensuring treatment quality, and protecting the patient’s privacy during and after treatment. All of these factors are important for patient safety.

The healthcare company intends to raise awareness of the campaign by reminding all healthcare professionals—including doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital administrators, and policymakers—of their responsibility to put patients at the center of all health decisions.

“Patient safety is the cornerstone of high-quality healthcare around the world. Any healthcare provider should make establishing a reliable system to guarantee patient safety in hospitals a top priority. As stated by Bidhan Chowdhury, CEO and Founder of TaCa Healthcare, “Today, we must tackle difficulties like prescription errors, diagnostic errors, communication issues, delays in surgeries and medical treatment, and patient privacy.

The #HumApkaKhayalRakheinHai campaign from TaCa Healthcare aims to tackle these immediate issues and raise a lot of noise about surgical treatment and patient safety.

The seven-day digital campaign will include, among other things, modern educational short films, podcasts, posters, and photos. One of the promotional videos addresses surgery fear and suggests ways to get over it. Another video emphasizes the importance of getting a second opinion before any type of surgery or other medical procedure. Homemakers are given specific attention in #HumAapkaKhyalRakhteinHai, which emphasizes that they should never, under any circumstance, ignore their health and urges them to promptly seek medical counsel.

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