Tanishq’s pujo campaign praises this ‘festival of Adornment’


Tanishq, India’s most believed adornments brand has dispatched another mission this Durga Pujo. Conceptualized by Tanishq and Lowe Lintas, the Pujo lobby, ‘Utshob Amader, Shaaj’o Amader’, praises the soul of Pujo in the entirety of its greatness and is a tribute to all of Maa Durga’s karigors including every single one of us who contribute towards decorating the pujo celebrations in our own specific manner.

The mission particularly features how the talented Bengali expert Karigors of Tanishq has emptied their entire being into creating dazzling yellow gold adornments with many-sided plans. These plans are made for each Bengali lady who really is the Durgas of today. 

The film is set on the reason of embellishing this festive of adornment itself. This ‘adornment‘ perspective is basic to Pujo and addresses a bigger way of thinking in this mission. The film envelops each and every part of Pujo which imbues life into the Durga Pujo celebrations. 

Pujo, as we probably are aware, is a feeling in itself, and the delight in getting ready for this celebration is beyond value. This idea of decorating the celebrations reflects in the mission slogan ‘Utshob Amader, Shaaj’o Amader’ The film includes the eminent mother-little girl pair Sudipta Chakraborty and her girl Shahida Neera, an awardee at Washington DC South Asian Film Festival for Best Child Actor alongside Bhadra Basu, quite possibly the most well known and acclaimed theater actress of Bengal, who has genuinely implanted life into this film. 

The film is shot against the background of Pishi Dida getting ready to deck up and decorate Maa Durga short-term with accessories, bangles, studs, and other adornments pieces in an approach to the Pujo. The film basically portrays the somewhat late arrangements on Maha Panchami night so everything is set flawlessly for Debi’s bodhon on Maha Shashti. Tanishq’s Utshob Amader, Shaaj’o Amader film centers around connections that are so entirely appealing for all Bengalis and commends the special charming appeal in every one of these connections. 

This year, Tanishq’s pujo crusade begins with Bishwakarma Pujo which welcomes on the ‘Pujo Bhaab’ and ‘Pujo is practically here’ feeling. The mission honors Bishwakarma thakur – the main planner and the expert specialist of the Universe consequently bringing the Bengali Karigors at the bleeding edge who really exemplifies the soul of the Lord are the very essences of Tanishq. The Karigors are a necessary piece of the merriments as they configuration each piece with the most extreme commitment – each perfect piece is a tribute to what exactly is the actual soul of this celebration – the soul of adornment.

With this mission, Tanishq urges Bengali ladies to make its most recent assortment ‘Shaaj,’ a piece of their Pujo’r Shaaj and like the endeavors of Bengal’s karigars for their commitment.

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